Keep Your Oral Cavity Healthy While Wearing Braces!

Orthodontic braces can help improve your overall oral health. However, maintaining your braces is not an easy task. During your orthodontic braces treatment, it is essential that you take proper care of your oral hygiene to keep your brackets, wires and other orthodontic accessories clean.
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Why Do Teeth Become Crooked?

If primary teeth almost always develop straight, then why do some people have crooked teeth? What is the reason for having crooked teeth? Is it bad luck or coincidence? Or is it because of different factors that affect the oral cavity while growing? Our orthodontic team at Unionville Orthodontics will explain the reasons behind why crooked teeth happen.

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How to Clean Retainers?

If you want to know how to clean your removable retainers, then you’ve come to the place! Here at Unionville Orthodontics, we make sure that our patients know how to keep their retainers clean. Here’s a step by step guide that you can follow in cleaning your removable orthodontic retainers.

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Orthodontics and Speech Problems

Did you know that your teeth and their position can affect the way you speak? In conjunction with your tongue, oropharynx, and lips, your teeth have a significant part in the articulation of consonants or your way of speaking. One of the first things that people notice is the way you smile and how you talk. If you have speech problems that are caused by misalignment and other dental problems, orthodontics can help you.
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When Should Children See An Orthodontist?

Whether you’re an adult or a child, you can always explore your orthodontic treatment options. If you are a parent, your child’s health, including their oral health is very important to you. Visiting an orthodontist early on can help ensure your child's oral care is healthy.
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Orthodontic Emergencies – What to Do?

​Initially, having braces may take some time to adjust to the new lifestyle. Soreness, discomfort, mild pain and swelling are some common symptoms that can occur when teeth begin moving into their new positions. However, in some cases, a braces emergency can happen.
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The Use of Orthodontics for Snoring

Do you snore while sleeping? Or do your loved ones snore? One of the possible treatments for snoring is the use of Orthodontics. Yes, you read it right!
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New Braces, New Life!

If you have just begun orthodontic treatment – congratulations! You are on the road to a new and healthy smile!
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