Markham Orthodontist Welcome Back Patients

Markham Orthodontist Welcome Back Patients With New Health and Safety Advancements

​We are so excited to have reopened our doors. We are now able to welcome back all of our valued patients. We missed you all!
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Changes and Updates at Your Markham Orthodontist Regarding COVID-19

It’s safe to say that no one was expecting the year 2020 to be one of social distancing, self-isolation and N95 facemasks. The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a wave of change in the way we live our everyday life. From working remotely to simply going to the grocery store, it seems as though everyone has been affected by Covid-19, in one way or another.
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Help Your Child Have a Braces-Friendly Spring Season

Easter is a special time when parents are excited to surprise their children delicious treats. For families with a child wearing braces, however, this can be difficult since most Easter baskets are filled with sweets that aren't braces-friendly.
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COVID-19 Update

To our valued patients,

Starting on Monday, March 16, 2020, in accordance with the Public Health Mandate, we will be temporarily closing our office.
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Adding Some Orthodontic New Year’s Resolutions for 2020

While a lot of new year's resolutions get made with the best of intentions, many of them fall flat at some point along the way. There are some easy orthodontic resolutions that you can add to the list that will be easier to keep than you may think. You'll get the benefit of healthier teeth, as well as the ability to say you kept your resolutions all year long!
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Caring for Your Braces This Holiday Season

The holiday season is a wonderful time of relaxing, spending time with loved ones, and indulging on delicious food. For people with braces, however, it can be a tricky time as you navigate between which dishes are safe to partake in and which ones should wait until your orthodontic appliances are removed. Being mindful of which foods are braces-friendly will ensure that you maintain a healthy, beautiful smile during and after braces. Here are some tips to protect and care for your braces this holiday season.
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Convincing Your Child to Get a Better Smile in December

As you're writing your letter to Santa, it's tempting to ask for a better smile. This gift is something preteens and young adults ask for, and it's definitely a big concern for parents. Over the years, orthodontic treatments have become more varied in cost and duration here in Markham, ON. We encourage you to obtain an orthodontic appointment for your child and explore whether there is a problem in need of correction. We want to help your child have a better self-image in 2020!
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