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The most anticipated day of your orthodontic journey has come… it’s time to get your braces off! Our team at Unionville Orthodontics can’t wait to celebrate your smile transformation with you. Here’s what you can expect and how to prepare!



This is the time dedicated to debonding (removing) your braces. When your braces are removed, your teeth are going to feel different. We recommend scheduling your appointment when you can give your teeth a little break. This can be in the morning after breakfast, after lunch, after school or anytime where you can have a significant break.

Little changes can be made

Although there may be an appointment set for your braces to be removed, this can change. Depending on if your teeth shift or need a little more time, the appointment can get slightly delayed. Don’t get discouraged – your new smile will be worth the wait!

Maintain good oral hygiene 

You no longer need to clean your braces- but you still need to diligently clean your teeth. You’ve worked so hard to keep up your good oral hygiene routine – don’t stop now! You want to show off an aligned, healthy and beautiful smile for life!

Odd sensations 

During your debond our team uses special instruments to remove your brackets. While this is happening, you might hear cracking or popping noises. You shouldn’t be alarmed as this is completely normal! You may also feel slight discomfort or pressure. Again, this is also to be expected and you shouldn’t worry.

Keep them in place 

One of the most important parts of your orthodontic treatment comes after your braces are removed. It’s called the retention phase and it’s to keep your teeth in their new alignment. That’s why we REQUIRE our patients to wear a retainer. If your retainer is not worn, your teeth WILL shift back to their previous position. At your debond appointment, we will make you a custom retainer. Be sure to follow our instructions and ask any questions!

Show it off! 

You’ve worked hard to get here, now it’s time to show it off! Nothing is holding you back, enjoy the boost of confidence from your newly transformed smile! From every day interactions, to the big moments in life –  your smile will be unforgettable!


Get started!

You need to experience the feeling of getting your braces off, and achieving a beautiful and healthy smile! Contact our Markham orthodontic office to get started!

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