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The holiday season is upon us! Many people are looking forward to parties and celebrations with family and friends. With the celebratory spirit on high, it may be easy to slip into unhealthy habits. Drinking sugary drinks such as soda is very popular during this time of year. No matter how tasty soda is, it is terrible for your teeth – especially when you are wearing braces!

Any type of soft drink is dangerous for your oral health. Regular soda is loaded with sugar and acid that can cause decalcification, tooth softening, dental erosion, and cavities. Although diet soda does not contain sugar, they can also create the same amount of dental erosion as regular sodas do.

When you have braces, you need to take care of your oral health more than ever. Teeth with braces are more prone to decalcification because braces act as an excellent trap for food and drink residues. Sugary drinks like soda can stick to your teeth and cause tooth decay, while the acid in sodas attacks and damages the teeth. This causes your tooth’s enamel to weaken.

This may all seem like bad news, especially when you want to celebrate the holiday season with delicious drinks. Nevertheless, you can still celebrate without harming your teeth while wearing braces. Instead, try healthy alternative beverages such as fruit smoothies and juices with low acidic content.

If you have any questions about your oral health with braces this holiday season, contact our office in Markham. We hope you have a safe and happy holiday season!

-The Unionville Orthodontics Team

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