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Teeth discolouration, stains and white spots can happen while you’re on the course of orthodontic treatment. How? Well, it’s not the braces that cause teeth discolouration but the plaque bacteria that forms and accumulate in the crevices of your teeth.

Having braces makes cleaning a bit more complicated, so to prevent stains from happening, you should pay more attention to how you clean your teeth while wearing braces. Brush and floss after every meal if you can. If your time doesn’t permit you to do so, just make sure that you brush your teeth three times a day and floss once daily. Use a whitening and fluoride toothpaste to maintain the color of your teeth and to protect your teeth surfaces from decay while wearing braces. Rinse using an antibacterial mouthwash to fight against bacterial acid.

What you eat and drink can also affect the colour of your teeth while wearing braces. Therefore, you should be careful about your food choices. Avoid sugary, starchy and acidic food and beverages. Also, avoid smoking cigarettes or tobacco because these products can stain your teeth as well.

Regular visits to your dentist are necessary when you have braces. You will see your orthodontist for your regular scheduled braces adjustment but you should also see your dentist to allow your dentists to check and asses your teeth if they are free from plaque and tartar. Professional dental cleaning is also needed to remove plaque that you can’t eliminate on your own.

To learn more about teeth stains that can happen while wearing braces and how to prevent them, don’t hesitate to contact us at Unionville Orthodontics in Markham.

-The Unionville Orthodontics Team

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