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When you think of braces, your mind may automatically go to the movie scenes where a teenager dons a mouth full of metal. This is truly no longer the case! Today, modern technology has allowed for a variety of subtle options and more adults are opting in! At Unionville Orthodontics we are pleased to help provide adults with orthodontic treatment and show them the many benefits they’ll reap!



More Treatment Options 

At Unionville Orthodontics we are proud to offer more subtle options including clear aligners with Invisalign and clear braces.

Invisalign aligners are unique as they are clear, plastic and removable. They can be worn anywhere, anytime – in professional and social settings – all while being virtually invisible. They are easily removed to enjoy mealtime and to facilitate brushing and flossing.

Clear bracket technology has improved dramatically in the last 10 years, thereby becoming an excellent treatment option. In recent years, many orthodontists have seen a dramatic increase in the number of adults interested in orthodontic treatment. Much of this surge is related to an increased awareness and importance placed on cosmetics and dental health. Clear braces are now used as effectively and efficiently as traditional metal braces without the obvious visibility.


Never Too Late To Get Your Dream Smile 

Treatment is available for anyone at any age! Parents spend time investing in their children, but their own health is important too. We provide treatment for the entire family! It’s never too late to get a healthy and confident smile.

Orthodontic treatment can help you achieve better overall health, and aid with daily activities such as chewing and speaking. It can also give you a boost of confidence for first impressions, special occasions and everyday life!

Book Your Orthodontic Consultation 

How can you find out more about adult braces? Come visit our orthodontic office in Markham for a consultation with Dr. Lee! We’ll do a consultation reviewing your case and personalize a treatment plan just for you. We can’t wait to show you what we can do!

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