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Straight teeth are more than just a picture-perfect smile. Aligning your bite and straightening your teeth have a significant impact on your overall health and everyday life. At Unionville Orthodontics, we want our patients and Markham community to understand the benefits of having straight teeth and experience it for themselves!



1. Oral Hygiene Is Easier  

When your teeth are straight it is easier to keep your teeth clean! With certain issues such as crowding, overbite or underbites – there are more crooks and crannies for food to get stuck, leading to decay.

It is also difficult to brush and floss your teeth if they are not straight. Your toothbrush can’t cover the entire surface of the tooth or floss in between areas you can’t get to.

With the proper tooth alignment, it is easier to brush, floss and keep a healthy smile!


2. Improve Digestion 

Another benefit to having straight teeth is that it can aid with digestion. Chewing your food helps to break it down and digest it easier.

When your teeth are properly aligned, the muscles in your mouth can work more effectively to chew your food and break it down. This in turn, helps the bacteria in your stomach to work better and improve your digestion.


3. Speak More Clearly

Straight teeth can also help you to speak more clearly. Crooked teeth can create speech problems including lisps, since the position of your teeth affect the way you speak. Some people can also develop speech problems as a consequence of trying to cover up their imperfect teeth.

When your teeth are in a healthy and aligned position your mouth and jaw can work together properly to form and articulate your words. Speak confidently and clearly with straight teeth!

At Unionville Orthodontics we can help you achieve these health benefits by straightening your teeth! Of course you’ll also leave with a gorgeous and confident smile to boot! We offer traditional clear braces and Invisalign. For a consultation, please contact our orthodontic office located in Markham.

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