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Retainers are an essential component of your orthodontic treatment plan. They are used during the retention stage to keep your teeth and jaws in their new position after your braces are removed.


If retainer use is neglected, it can lead to shifting and you may even need to repeat braces or Invisalign again!

There are two types of retainers, fixed and removable. If you have a removable retainer it’s important to use it as instructed by our team at Unionville Orthodontics. If your retainer becomes lost or damaged it’s important to let us know right away!

If it’s been a while and you are concerned about your retainer fitting – you can call us! Our experienced orthodontist, Dr. Lee is always happy to help. As a general rule, if your retainer fits (without feeling pain) you can wear it – even if it feels tight! This can mean that your teeth may have slightly shifted. As a result, we may recommend you to wear your retainer for a longer period each day.

In cases where your retainer doesn’t fit or feels painful – don’t force it! Contact our orthodontic office in Unionville for an appointment. We will review and evaluate the position of your teeth and determine the next steps. This can include making a new retainer or some clear aligners to help your teeth get back to their proper position.

No matter the stage of your orthodontic treatment, we ask you to follow your treatment plan and check-in with us along the way. We personalize each treatment for our patient’s individual needs.

Contact us for a check-in or a consultation if you’d like to learn more about how we can help your smile! Our office proudly helps the Unionville and Markham community!

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