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Unionville Orthodontics is a friendly, family-oriented orthodontic office where you or your child can experience our team’s personalized approach to smile development and dento-facial correction through the dental specialty of orthodontics. Our team of devoted professionals have been caring for children, teens and adults in the Markham/Unionville area for over two decades offering traditional braces, two-phase treatments, and “barely there” cosmetic and invisible orthodontic options, including Invisalign and beautiful Radiance brackets. Located in historic Unionville, Unionville Orthodontics welcomes all with a warm, relaxed approach to care – based on traditional values of service, treatment excellence and a genuine interest in people of all ages.


Orthodontics is the art and science of positioning the teeth correctly in the dental arches while attaining optimal alignment of the jaws, through the use of orthodontic appliances and integrated approaches.

Orthodontics may be considered if there is evidence of:

  • tooth and jaw size discrepancy
  • narrow dental arch development
  • dental crowding
  • oral habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting
  • missing teeth
  • speech impediment
  • breathing difficulties/snoring
  • jaw joint dysfunction
  • disproportionate facial growth

For Children

The American Association of Orthodontics recommends that every child is evaluated for orthodontic treatment by age 7 , or earlier if a problem is evident.

Early treatment gives our team an opportunity to:

  • guide jaw growth which in turn often lowers the risk of trauma to protruded front teeth
  • correct harmful habits
  • create a more ideal occlusion
  • improve facial and dental esthetics

These results offer unlimited benefits to patients that can be enjoyed over a lifetime!

Two Phase Treatment

Two phase treatment is designed to correct misaligned jaws in growing children while using interceptive devices to control dysfunctional habits.

Phase 1: These treatments are directed at correction of skeletal discrepancies in growing children, making space for erupting permanent teeth and correctly crossbites, as well as using functional appliances to correct protruded or retruded front teeth.

Phase 2: After all permanent teeth have erupted and the skeletal correction has been attained, re-evaluation occurs and if necessary, orthodontic braces are used to align the permanent teeth within the already corrected jaw positions. This phase produces the final placement of the permanent teeth into a well aligned and well proportioned facial structure.

Orthodontics – For Adults

If you are self-conscious about your smile it can affect your self-confidence and first impressions. Orthodontics can help make a world of difference!

Orthodontic treatment is also an excellent foundation for many cosmetic dental procedures including porcelain veneers, crown and bridge restorative dentistry and dental implants. Aligning teeth correctly in the dental arches prior to cosmetic dental treatment enhances cosmetic results in many cases.

It’s never too late to treat you and your smile to orthodontics. Live the rest of your life with a smile that radiates your true personality and self-confidence.