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Is it too early to take your child to the orthodontist? At what age should they see an orthodontist?

Parents can sometimes overlook taking their young children to an orthodontic office for a check-up. Orthodontics is not just for pre-teens, teenagers and adults. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that you take your child to an orthodontic specialist for a check-up at the age of seven.

**Why do you need to get your child’s teeth checked at such an early age?

Your child could have missing teeth, crossbites, underbites and other conditions that could become worse if left untreated. At Unionville Orthodontics, we provide early orthodontic treatment for children in specific situations if needed. Our team will uncover any orthodontic problems, so they can be corrected early on.

If your child does not require treatment at the time, we will still be able to track the development and growth of their teeth. We will also educate parents on the best oral health guidelines to keep their child healthy.

Are you curious if your child requires orthodontic care? It’s better to check early! You can contact us and schedule a complimentary consultation at our orthodontic office in Markham. The Unionville Orthodontics team will take the time to examine your child and discuss with you the treatment plan required to give them their best possible smile!

-The Unionville Orthodontics Team

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