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Do braces hurt? What can I do to relieve any potential pain? These are some of the common questions among orthodontic patients. These questions are perfectly reasonable because most dental procedures are associated with some discomfort. When it comes to orthodontic treatment, such as braces – there can be some initial discomfort. We liken it to a new pair of shoes, it takes time for your feet to break in a new pair of shoes and it takes your mouth and teeth some time to get use to the new braces. At Unionville Orthodontics we are here to help manage that!

Having braces put on does not hurt. However, you will experience some soreness a few hours after the braces are placed on. This soreness can sometimes last for about a week. You can expect some discomfort when chewing. You may also feel some discomfort along the inside of your cheeks due to your new gear – the brackets and archwires. Just be careful not to repetitively run your tongue over your new braces or it can also become sore!

The reason behind soreness is not definitive. However, it may be associated with internal or external factors. Based on studies, an internal factor of soreness or mild pain could be due to blood flow changes when braces apply pressure to the teeth. On the other hand, an external factor attributed to braces soreness is the physical rubbing of the wires and brackets to the soft tissues of the oral cavity.

To relieve soreness, you can use salt mixture gargle. Just add a teaspoon of salt in eight ounces of lukewarm water, and then swish and gargle this mixture for a couple of minutes. Using a medicated pain reliever and wax are also practical solutions to relieve soreness.

Wearing braces doesn’t hurt. Some discomfort or soreness can happen right after the application of braces or when they are tightened. Remember that braces are made to help straighten teeth and not to harm your oral cavity. If you have any questions, contact our orthodontic office in Markham.

-The Unionville Orthodontics Team

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