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#1. Orthodontists See Things We Don’t

As you grow up, you will notice that your smile changes with age. You may observe little shifts here and there, but after a while, we grow accustomed to how we look. When you see an orthodontist, you have a professional who’s looking at more than just what meets the eye. We often forget what’s below the surface, and how it affects our oral health. An orthodontist will not only assess your teeth, but also your bite, jaw, and gums as well. We want to make sure that nothing gets left behind!

#2. Self Esteem

Having a great smile is linked to higher self esteem. It’s not only important for adults to feel confident, but also for children! Investing in your oral health is a great idea at any age. Your smile is often the first thing people notice about you. Talking to your orthodontist about your smiles goals is the first step in your journey! Here, you can discuss what custom treatment plan will help you achieve your goals, and set expectations for the results you want!

#3. Earlier The Better

It’s important to show your kids from an early age the advantages of taking care of your oral health. The Canadian Association of Orthodontists recommend that you bring your child for their first check-up between the ages of seven and eight. This is because most children have enough permanent teeth to warrant a visit to the orthodontist by this age. Here, we are able to evaluate any concerns and catch future problems. This includes issues such as missing, or extra teeth. We can also take a look at your child’s oral alignment and intervene with treatment if necessary. By doing this at an early age when your child’s mouth is more pliable, you can save time and money on treatment down the road, and correct problems before they become a larger issue!

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