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Do you snore while sleeping? Or do your loved ones snore? One of the possible treatments for snoring is the use of Orthodontics. Yes, you read it right! Orthodontics can help solve problems with snoring. Here at Unionville Orthodontics, we use orthodontic appliances to help ease the issue of snoring and other sleep-related problems.

Snoring is one of the symptoms of Sleep Apnea, a medical condition that causes breathing interruptions while sleeping. The actual cause of snoring is a constricted airway, which means there is less than the optimal amount of oxygen taken in by your respiratory system while sleeping due to soft tissue relaxation of the throat. The airway becomes blocked, and the soft palate and uvula vibrate that leads to snoring.

Other conditions cause snoring. Use of certain medications, obesity, drinking alcohol, and even overbite are some of the reasons why people snore. Therefore, if you want to prevent snoring, you also have to eliminate the cause of it.

So, how does orthodontics help snoring? By moving your teeth strategically, the nasal passages will open, and this will make breathing more comfortable while sleeping (and solving snoring problems). The process of using orthodontics to cure snoring is less painful and noninvasive. If you think you’re suffering from snoring issues or your loved ones snore at night, consult with our orthodontic team in Unionville, Ontario. We look forward to helping you!

-The Unionville Orthodontics Team

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