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Initially, having braces may take some time to adjust to the new lifestyle. Soreness, discomfort, mild pain and swelling are some common symptoms that can occur when teeth begin moving into their new positions. However, in some cases, a braces emergency can happen.

While orthodontic emergencies rarely occur, it is essential to know what to do about them in the event that they actually happen. Here are some common situations that can happen to you during the course of your orthodontic treatment.

Loose Braces Bands

The metal rings that fold over the back and front teeth are termed as “bands.” They serve as the anchor for your braces. When you experience this type of problem, you need to reposition the bands or let your orthodontist cement it.

Loose Spacer

Spacers are elastic rings that are placed between your teeth for a couple of days. At times, the spacer can become loose and drop out of its position. When this happens, call your orthodontist and schedule an appointment to have it fixed.

Protruding or Broken Wire

Sometimes, wires can protrude or break in your mouth, and when this occurs, you must push it back using a cotton swab. Try not to cut the wire. See your orthodontist as quickly as time permits.

Broken or Loose Elastic Tie

If the rubber band that supports your metal brackets breaks or become loose, report it to your orthodontist and visit his/her office as soon as you can.

Loose Bracket

When you eat chewy or hard food, your braces or bracket can become loose. Usually, orthodontists provide wax to keep your brackets from falling off, so you can attend to this problem at home. However, if the problem continues and it affects your bite, see your orthodontist right away.

If you think you may have a braces emergency, the first step is to determine the seriousness of the problem. Typically, an urgent situation requires immediate attention. Therefore, see your orthodontist as soon as possible; he/she knows what to do with your braces problem.

You can contact our orthodontic office if you have any of these problems. Here at Unionville Orthodontics, we provide immediate solutions for any braces emergencies. Our office is located on Kennedy Road, Unionville (in the Markham area). We look forward to treating your smile!

-The Unionville Orthodontics Team

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