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If your child needs braces or orthodontic treatment, it can be a big change for them. At Unionville Orthodontics we are patient-focused and work as a team to make your child’s orthodontic experience, comfortable and efficient. We can help explain what to expect, and what we do to make the experience a positive one!


Getting Started

At Unionville Orthodontics we take the time to listen, discover and understand each patient’s needs. Comfort and care are our top priority. We will guide you throughout the treatment process with reliable support from our team.

During your child’s first appointment, if they feel stressed or nervous we can take a break and revisit when they feel calmer. We have years of experience and can take it step by step, so everyone feels comfortable!



Dr. Lee and our orthodontic team will assess your child’s bite, jaw, facial structure, airways, oral health and more. Using this information we can personalize the treatment plan accordingly.

Orthodontic treatment can include wearing orthodontic appliances ranging from a palatal expander, braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Based on your child’s individual case and needs, we will recommend the appropriate orthodontic appliance.

We take a preventative approach, working to diagnose problems early on. This way we can help guide jaw growth and align smiles with less invasive surgery or complex treatment down the road.


Overcoming Fear 

It is normal for children to feel apprehensive of dental or orthodontic visits. Often it is fear of the ‘unknown’ or potential ‘discomfort’.  Our team is here to address any anxiety about the appointment or treatment itself!

We can debunk any myths and help break down what will happen in simple terms to help overcome fears. From showing each piece of equipment and explaining what it does, to taking breaks – we are here for your child!


Have a Positive Experience at Unionville Orthodontics 

We can’t wait to help your child achieve a healthy and confident smile, with a positive experience! Our Unionville Orthodontics office is located in Unionville and services the local Markham area. Book your child’s personalized consultation to get started!

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