Face Masks = The Perfect Time For Orthodontic Treatment!



Misaligned jaws and teeth can distort your smile, and make you feel self conscious when flashing your pearly whites. Face masks currently cover up our grins, but they won’t be around forever!

Fortunately, our team at Unionville Orthodontics can help give you a healthy smile that boosts your self confidence. We’ve outlined a variety of treatment options that can assist any patient of any age! With face masks, this is a great opportunity to work on your smile without anyone knowing.


Braces are metal appliances that help correct misaligned teeth and jaws to restore a proper bite and beautiful smile. They straighten teeth by exerting moderate pressure through brackets and wires. Braces are traditionally a silver colour however now there is an option for crystal clear braces or even gold braces. You can also get color braces to make a fashion statement.


Invisalign is a very popular treatment option for our adult and teenage patients.

Dr. Lee will help create your series of custom-made aligners that will guide your teeth into their correct positions. Invisalign provides the benefits of traditional metal braces, but in a discreet and convenient manner. On top of being nearly invisable, these aligners are also removable. This means you still get to enjoy all your favourite foods, and continue your oral hygiene routine as normal. This is a great option for your smile makeover!

Two-Phase Treatment For Kids

Two-phase treatment involves the use of interceptive devices to treat misaligned jaws in developing children. Phase 1 corrects skeletal discrepancies by making space for emerging permanent teeth and crossbites, while using appliances to align protruded and retruded front teeth. Phase 2 involves the use of orthodontic braces to align the permanent teeth in their correct jaw positions. By having your child complete two-phased treatment at a young age, you can help them avoid more invasive and costly treatment in the future.

Visit An Orthodontist In Markham! 

Are you ready to start your smile journey? We can help make sure you achieve your ideal smile by the time face masks come off! If you’re considering getting orthodontic treatment, contact us and we’ll guide you through the options available!  Both new and existing patients are able to request an appointment on our website!

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