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We are congratulating a new smile that just arrived! Congrats Dr. Lee on your new baby. Her baby boy was born on Saturday, August 10th and he is happy and healthy!

Did you know that babies are born with the ability to smile? Just take a look at her new son’s photo!

Here are a few other fun facts about smiles:

Smiling can boost your immune system!
Smiling relieves stress by releasing endorphins!
Smiling is a form of exercise. It takes 26 muscles to smile!
Smiling is a universal sign of happiness!

We want you to confidently smile, without hesitation. Enjoy the benefits of your smile every day! Contact us at Unionville Orthodontics in Markham to achieve a healthy and beautiful smile. Remember, orthodontic checkups are recommended by age 7 by the Canadian Association of Orthodontists.

-The Unionville Orthodontics Team

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