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For kids, there’s no better holiday than Halloween! There are so many things to look forward to between the costumes, pumpkin carving, and of course, candy! If someone in your family is undergoing orthodontic treatment this Halloween, reassure them that they won’t have to miss out on any of the fun! At Unionville Orthodontics, we have you covered with a few fun tips!

Halloween Candy Tips For Braces

The most important rule for braces during any time of the year is to avoid food that is very hard or sticky. When it comes to Halloween, those with braces will need to stay away from things like caramel, chocolate with nuts, gummies and bubble gum. The good news is. that there are still plenty of treats that they can enjoy! If you’re staying at home this year, try making one of the following braces-friendly Halloween treats:

How To Ensure A Healthy Halloween

Halloween isn’t an excuse to indulge in endless amounts of candy! This is especially important to note if someone in your family currently has braces. Those with braces can be more prone to problems such as tooth decay and cavities. This is because it’s easier for tiny pieces of food to get stuck. Although it’s completely fine to treat your family to a few sweets, there are a few things you can do to make sure they don’t have too much sugar!

  1. Make sure your family has a big and healthy dinner. This will make sure they don’t fill up on sweets.
  2. Try to buy any Halloween candy the day of. By buying candy at the last minute, you will help your family avoid snacking ahead of time!
  3. Put limitations on sugary treats. Let your family choose one or two favourite treats and keep the rest out of sight.

Take Your Little Pumpkin To Unionville Orthodontics!

Smiles shouldn’t still look scary after Halloween has come and gone! We’d be happy to help when you come in for a consultation! You can book your child’s orthodontic appointment when you call 1.905.477.7186 or you can book their appointment online! New patients are always welcome to inquire about our orthodontic services in Markham, including clear braces, Invisalign and more!

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